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For centuries, there has been a hidden secret to obtaining long, healthy and beautiful Hair. People have either had issues with products weighing down hair or over clogging pors or products that hair and scalps sucks up, leaving hair and scalp feeling dry and itchy all day. A List Beauty has taken the guess work out of oils that your hair needs and that works best for all hair types. A mixture of old remedies and new research and science has brought us here….a place of peace of mind and positivity. These oils were specifically made with porosity and the comedogenic scale in mind to give your hair and scalp the most relaxing experience possible. Hot oil treatments, scalp care, scalp massages are just a few things, these oils can be used for.


More Hair to all and thank you for allowing me to help you claim the best hair and the best crowns you’ve ever had. Ase and mote it so.

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